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Caliber Real Estate is the only full service, investment minded real estate company in the Pacific Northwest. We help people buy and sell homes as primary residences, but also for investment purposes. Caliber provides access to more home inventory than anyone in the industry. Our roots in real estate investing flow through everything we do, from how we find and value properties to how we identify hidden potential and guide clients to maximize their Return On Investment.

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Have Questions about Real Estate and How Covid 19 is effecting the market?

There is a lot of questions and confusion about what is going on in the market regarding the current crisis. I have gotten numerous calls, texts, and emails from people wanting to know what is

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Taking Risks on a Ballard Flip

Intro:Caliber Real Estate Founding Partners, Ian Morell, Dave Albers, & Zack Lazo have a long background in buying and flipping homes and continue to do so today, in addition to running Caliber

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